Eyetrace is a tool for analysis of eye-tracking data. It has the approach to bunch a variety of different evaluation methods for a large share of eye trackers supporting scientific work and medical diagnosis.
To allow EyeTrace to be compatible to different eye trackers, an additional tool called Eyetrace Butler is used. The Eyetrace Butler performs a data preprocessing and conversion for analysis with Eyetrace. It provides plugins for different eye trackers and converts their data into a format that can be imported and used by Eyetrace.

T. C. K├╝bler, K. Sippel, W. Fuhl, G. Schievelbein, J. Aufreiter, R. Rosenberg, W. Rosenstiel, E. Kasneci. Analysis of eye movements with Eyetrace. Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS). Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies. Springer International Publishing (in press)

Explanatory video:


Features Eyetrace:

Supported eyetrackers
  • Dikablis
  • SMI RED5
  • Eyetribe
  • IDMT Gazetracker
Event calculation
  • Fixations duration based
  • Fixations velocity based
  • Fixations with GMM
  • Fixation clusters with minimum fixations and radius
  • Fixation clusters with mean-shift
  • Cumulative clusters with minimum fixations and radius
  • Cumulative clusters with mean-shift
AOI calculation
  • Manually
  • Grid based
  • Threshold based from heatemap
  • Gradient based from heatemap
Gazepoint visualisation
  • Points
  • Heatmap
  • Shadowmap
Fixation visualisation
  • Elliptic
  • Circular
  • Heatmap
  • Shadowmap
Fixation cluster visualisation
  • Elliptic
  • Circular
  • Heatmap
  • Shadowmap
  • Transitions
Cumulative cluster visualisation
  • Elliptic
  • Circular
  • Transitions
Saccades visualisation
  • Arrows
  • Anglestar
  • Heatmap
  • Shadowmap
AOI visualisation
  • Outlined
  • Transitions
  • Time dependent transitions
General gaze statistics
  • Horizontal/Vertical gaze activity
  • Min/Mean/Max speed
AOI statistics
  • Number of glances
  • Glance frequency
  • Glance location provability
  • Min/Mean/Max glance duration
  • Time of first glance
  • Total glance time
  • Glance proportion
  • Number of fixations
Visualization export
  • Export actual visualization with or without parameters
  • Export AOI transitions graph
  • Image formats: svg,png,jpg,tiff
Data export
  • Fixations
  • Fixation clusters
  • Cumulative clusters
  • Saccades
Statistics export
  • General statistics
  • AOI statistics
  • AOI transition matrix
  • Anglestar
  • Cluster transition matrix absolute
  • Cluster transition matrix percentage
  • Cluster transition matrix min transitions per minute
  • Cumulative cluster transition matrix absolute
  • Cumulative cluster transition matrix percentage
  • Cumulative cluster transition matrix min transitions per minute