Lab: Client/Server-Systems

Department Computer Engineering
Professor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Spruth
Lab Tuesday, 09:00 - 12:00 o'clock
Room Poolroom, Sand 6
Preliminary Discussion         21.10.2008, 10 o' Clock, Sand 6 Kleiner Hörsaal
Beginning 21. October 2008
Amount 4 SWS / 8 LP
Requirements         7 ff.
Examination Subject      Computer Engineering
LSF Entry Client/Server-Systems


The following excercises are carried out:

  1. Corba and Corba naming service
  2. RMI and RMI/IIOP
  3. Application development on z/OS and TSO 
  4. Development of a CICS application
  5. Java Servlet access on DB2
  6. MQSeries 
  7. CICS Transaction Gateway

The excercises will be unlocked step by step in time.