Human Brain Activity Before Birth

Bachelor’s / Master’s Thesis, assigned to


The assessment of human brain activity is a fascinating topic, which gets even more special, when looking the hard to assess brain activity of babies inside the womb of their mothers. Fetal Magnetoencephalography provides a technical solution for this by giving the option to measure the electromagnetic activity of the fetal brain and heart simultaneously to the maternal heart activity in the last trimester of pregnancy. With the help of auditory and visual stimulation paradigms, this technique can be used to assess cognitive abilities. In our research we investigate the general spectrum of fetal brain activity, but also fetal heart activity and heart rate variability, fetal behavioral states as well as the influence of the maternal metabolism on fetal development. Thereby our focus is on the impact of gestational diabetes.


If you are interested to support our research in this field with your Bachelor/Master Thesis we are happy to hear from you. There is a variety of possible topics, so we can find or adapt a topic fitting your research interests.


  • Study in neuroscience, informatics or similar topics
  • Basic knowledge in MATLAB or R or similar programs


Sippel, Katrin